To enable the use of the functionality from Mtas within Solr search requests, some adjustments have to be made within the solrconfig.xml: the provided Mtas searchComponent, queryParser and requestHandler have to be included.

Mtas searchComponent

The mtas.solr.handler.component.MtasSolrSearchComponent can be declared with

<searchComponent name="mtas" class="mtas.solr.handler.component.MtasSolrSearchComponent"/>

and added to the select requestHandler by inserting the following within the <requestHandler/> with name "/select":

<arr name="last-components">

This enables the handling of all Mtas specific arguments within a select request to a Solr core.

Mtas queryParser

The has to be included to enable the use of CQL queries:

<queryParser name="mtas_cql" class=""/>

The has to be included to enable the use of join queries:

<queryParser name="mtas_join" class=""/>

Mtas requestHandler

Adding the mtas.solr.handler.MtasRequestHandler enables additional Mtas functionality that doesn’t belong in the select requestHandler.

<requestHandler name="/mtas" class="mtas.solr.handler.MtasRequestHandler" />